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Reset Hotmail Password

Hotmail Account can be fixed by Reset Hotmail password.

Are you getting calls and texts for the mails sent out from your email? And you are sure that you haven’t sent any kind of email that your friends are talking about? Well you need to be alert now. It can mean that someone has hacked and is using your Hotmail account to send mails to your contacts without your authorization. It’s time to be cautious as it can affect your life really badly than you might imagine.

Follow these basic smart steps immediately to Reset Hotmail password so that you can be safe.-

  • Try to Login. If your account is still accessible with your password then change it immediately. Make sure to keep a strong password so that no one can even guess it.
  • Change settings. Next to your account there would be a type like Icon. Press it and you will various settings options.
  • Click on “More Mail Setting”:- From the list of options that you get, choose the 4th option i.e. More Mail settings.
  • Select “Account Details”:- Choose this option once you go to “Managing Your Account” option.
  • Change password:-Open the form to change the password by clicking on “Password and Security info”.
  • Now enter both your old password and your new password twice that you want to set. Password should be minimum 8 characters that can include lower case, upper case, symbols, and numbers. Password is case sensitive so make sure you remember it properly or else write it down somewhere so that you can remember it.
  • Login again:- To verify the changed password, login to your account again.

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